I’m not really a Broke-A$$-teacher, I just like the name! I wouldn’t have been able to change careers (almost overnight) if that were truly the case.

This is the absolute best advice I will ever give anyone that reads this blog and here it is:

  • most of what I’ll teach you will go in 1 ear and right out the other!

Why you ask? Because nobody wants to admit the truth… they are broke!

Now before I go any further, I need to make a few confessions: I’m human (believe it or not), I have a day job, a family and many responsibilities like every other 40-something grown up. Therefore, if a few spelling mistakes get thrown around from time to time, it is to be expected. I’m a francophone! We not always speak-a-the-good English! Like I love to say to my students: I’ll learn you!

Now, if you haven’t already guessed, I am an Ontario Certified Teacher! Basically, I get paid more, to do the same job as my colleagues in every other Canadian province (suckers!) I’m kidding of course! We just have stronger Unions and better politicians…ba hahaha! Seriously though, I get paid almost 100K a year for 194 days work! For those of you reaching for a calculator, that amounts to over $500 a day and I walked away in July 2017.

By now, some of you are saying shut the front door … IS THIS GUY FOR REAL? (a pun here if you know Tripple D) He makes more than I do and he quit? YUP! That is correct! Teachers have a great pension (That’s what the media and everyone kept telling me, but in reality, it’s not that great when you break it down), but every dollar comes from our salary. Almost $12000 a year! By the time you deduct taxes, union dues, CPP, EI, benefits, LTD, Insurance and pension…1 third of the gross is GONZOS. So once I pay for my nice fancy new truck, my mortgage, my camper, my ATV and the ton of unsecured debt I have, I then spend the rest on spur of the moment crap…impulse buying and spending… hence the Broke-A$$-teacher title. Now let me be clear, I’ve just cut up all my credit cards and cleared up a bunch of loans because we’ve finally seen the light. Living for today will hurt you tomorrow. I always considered myself broke, because I always had to plan my big expenses many months and even years in advance…enough of that crap!

I’m a smart guy, but I had terrible financial role models growing up, just like many other Canadians. So when I turned 40 in January of this year (yikes) I decided to make a change… it’s crunch time…now or never! I want MORE!!!!!!

I’m been on an educational mission this year. I needed to learn as much about money, debt, finance & investments, as quickly as possible because I needed to become a Financial literacy Expert. As of June 2017, I am licenced in insurance, investments, disability as well as accident and sickness (we call ourselves Financial Security Advisors, simply because we can, but always ask a person’s credentials before purchasing any financial product, because most of us are just salespeople!) * I’m currently  working on my CFP designation because I’m a strong believer in dealing with experts first and foremost… stay tuned!

Anyhow, this is starting to be a very boring about page. Therefore, let me finish by telling those of you who’ve been awesome and have read this page to the very end. I’m not a writer, but I know good information when I read it. I’ll share what I learn. I’ll post links and articles. I’ll do my best to answer any questions I receive in the comments section, but I don’t know everything. This is a non-bull-crap blog, so if I don’t know something I won’t pretend! Just make sure it keeps going In 1 ear and not out the other! I have some good $hit to $hare!

I’ll learn Ya!

from the Broke-A$$-teacher

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